About The International Five Star Hotel Standard

The new international standard for luxury hospitality.

Almost every country in the world has a system for rating hotels and travellers rely on these to help them make decisions when making reservations. However, what merits a high rating in one country is not the same in another. We recognised the need for an international standard to be established: a mark of quality, recognisable across the globe and guaranteeing exceptional levels of quality and service, regardless of location. An International Five Star Hotel appeals to the wealthiest and most discerning traveller who can afford the best.

Why apply for the International Five Star accreditation?

Today’s top global travellers need to know they are booking the world’s most excellent five-star hotels. Hotels meeting the requirements of the International Five Star Hotel Standard will be eligible to use the prestigious International Five Star logo on their websites. There are many other benefits and promotional opportunities of achieving this accreditation standard.

The rigorous 250-point assessment of nine key areas in which a five star hotel should excel shows guests that their stay in a hotel which has achieved the International Five Star Hotel Standard will be among the finest in the world.